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The facade that any observant person already sees.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 17 2023 at 03:29:46AM
In reply to Abby Lee Miller likes High School boys posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, December 14 2023 at 1:03:27PM

Western society is being lied to. Those who wield power are actually rather few, and they are banking on their control of institutions and mainstream information to keep themselves in power. Sure, there are some useful idiots who can be trusted to always be prone to reaction and incapable of reasoning for themselves (and they are highly rewarded for their come-along loyalty).

People realize how serious the siege of western society has become, as everything they've ever known is being up-ended, realizing at last that it's not been by chance, but by a decades-long diabolical plan. Well, maybe we're not all there just yet, but we're almost there. When every last vestige of western society is being demonized and deconstructed, and when all the various requirements of a stable life are having the legs knocked out from under them (be it killing off food supply, global shipping of goods, killing the energy supply for so-called climate while forcing everything to be electric, borders that keep the next 9/11's (and their subsequent emergency tyranny) at bay, etc. etc..)?

Well, maybe I credit too much of the public for realizing all of those things just yet, but they definitely sense something is wrong and highly corrupt. They sense the siege even if they don't yet know what to call it. While I hope and expect they will wake up before they get boiled, it should be easy to see why some girl saying she's attracted to older masculine boys is not the route to her demise that people were once led to believe.

People are realizing that girls being attracted to boys is normal, and that girls have always been drawn to older boys since boys their own age tend to be immature annoyances. And people are waking up to the fact that girls and women aren't inferior to boys and men for not being able to do everything they can do. They are realizing that males and females are two parts of a whole, and while they can never hope to excel in everything the opposite sex can do, they are nevertheless equal in their importance to the survival of the species (provided making offspring ever comes back into fashion and quashes the induced cults of of purposeful infertility, voluntary childlessness, infanticide out of mere convenience, "heroic" senicide, and even the "compassionate" right for teens and children with their entire lives ahead of them, to KILL themselves due to depression! (Fuck you for THAT, Netherlands.)

And so that's why *regular* people don't freak out as much anymore about girls liking the older masculine boys again, and that's why girls and their moms need to start staying the hell away from Hollywood and all the other compromised institutions bent on destroying every last vestige and tradition of classic western society.

And it's thoughts like these which make sweet young girls such a calming Calgon escape for my ever-worried brain:p


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