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Ah, the opposite. I can answer this as well;)

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, December 17 2023 at 04:23:47AM
In reply to Abby Lee Miller likes High School boys posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, December 14 2023 at 1:03:27PM

(Sorry, I've been out of the loop since the Ziegler days.)

T recently posted of a young woman in Florida, but I also read a rather hilarious article about a mother tracking her 18-year-old rugby player on his phone to a car where he was having sex with a 20-something teacher from his school, and mom took cell phone pics of them as proof!

Poor rugby player. And while the teacher should definitely have been fired for getting it on with a current student (just like college profs who bang their current students should be fired), I don't agree at all that it rises to jail time under law. Her conduct sucks, but dude was 18.

Now this 68-year-old I was hoping to find to be maybe a middle-school chick... meh. So she's a cougar. Women who like young guys usually tend to like mature qualities about them. I guess sometimes they can be a detriment if they're really screwed up, but meh.

Who I really feel bad for are these young-ish women, often teachers, who were nerds in their own school years. Some strapping underage guy with facial hair and full of testosterone charms her in class.. I can see how it could make her weak in the knees. She's finally encountering the guy she liked in her own school years who ignored her back then. People are human. It doesn't make her evil.

But yes, when it's the hot cheerleader hitting on Mr. Blueballs, the 20-something guy who couldn't get the popular girl when HE was young, suddenly it's automatically a horrible sex-offender.

No, it's not that simple.


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