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I am an oppressed "unpaired" child lover:*(

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 07 2023 at 9:13:48PM

Recently inspired by the woke changing of the word "homeless" to "unhoused" I think it's high time to reposition the responsibility for my lack of preferred romance upon those who are fascisticly unwilling to supply me with an adolescent-age love interest.

The crime of not shelling out money to put a roof over the heads of others no matter the cause for their plight, cannot be nearly as diabolical as the heartlessness of suburban parents who are unwilling to supply just ONE fairly attractive daughter under their guardian care, for the sweet magical experience that is intergenerational love.

The fact that they won't bet their birkenstocks on this advanced form of progress only proves their level of undeserved privileged status and closed-mindedness to a more diverse and inclusive society.

I am hereby making a generic raised fist meme for my cause, and accepting generous gofundme donations for my need of office space and a bi-coastal presence to smash the oppressive regime of child lover unpaired-ness.

Who's kids? Your kids, I mean our kids, like yours and ours! When do we want em? Now, or at least for weekend sleepovers!!


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