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Rule34=art, thus curiously unpoliced. out/o/contro

Posted by luckless on Sunday, February 26 2023 at 06:11:56AM
In reply to Hogwarts Legacy and modding posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, February 24 2023 at 4:26:56PM

A fellow gamer! (Excited as I am to see that you are into gaming, itt would appear that lately gamers seem to hate one another for some reason?!)

Maybe a proper game is worth trying to keep me distracted from my current, seemingly never-ending, unbearable bout of depression. []

**it's nice getting to play as a 15-16 year old girl.**


**The game is pretty good**

Yeah but I do not have R900 to buy it right now, let alone enough to cover the cost of bandwidth to run it. I barely have enough data to submit this post since my local cellphone tower died due to regular, battery-destroying power cuts. TIA. If I am lucky my BL buddy who doesnt read GC (so it is fine if I mention here) will send me some money this month so I can atleast pay for the meds that my insurance doesnt cover. He does not have my banking detail so... clearly, or I wouldn't be fishing like this all the time.

**male [and pedo] gaze.**

Due to what I can only surmise is good writing - my eyes never fixed on the chest of Hugo de Rune (voiced by Logan Hannon) in his shirtless scene in the game called A Plague Tale: Requiem.

Be assured this is not just because of some temporary loss of mojo or something. There is nothing wrong with my pedo gaze - it is as overpowering as ever. If it were to somehow become a smidge more intense, I would be shooting lasers out my eyes.

I am left to conclude that the buzzword "Male gaze" is just something writers fabricate to explain away shitty writing. They are necessarily not shitty writers, but everybody drops the ball. If the screen was blank during a narration of an underdeveloped part of the story script/screenplay, there being no eye-candy, my eyes would fix on something else. A framed photo of my sister or maybe my pet if he was close by. Even dead people has an autonomic response, a death-throw reflex where their eyes would follow a moving object long after their occipital lobe has ceased to function. The point is, that if your mind is understimulated by good storytelling, it will likely revert back to what it is implicitly programmed to do: find something less mind-numbing to do, like stare at something worth evaluating regardless of purpose.

If the narration is good, backed by thought-through narrative, I would likely stare at the blank screen in anticipation of what thrilling goodness is to follow. Am I right? I usually come up with these theories on the fly. So, am I right? Prolly not. Male gaze is evil, and I am just making stuff up as my mind slips away.


Regarding your no-kids-dystopia, at the very least it is a good idea for what would make for a good horror film. If some people on earth do indeed evolve to shoot lasers out their eyes, like Superman; a 'no-eyes-on-kiddy-thighs' policy would be reasonable. To avoid accidental circumcisions and such.

The film could be titled "Roasted Nuts"

PS: html and even standard markup language no longer seem to work and results in Error 500... which I think is a server-side issue. I do not miss it much. Fix it, or do not fix it. What does it matter anyway? What is the point of life? I wish God existed so that I could hate the fuck out of him.

PS: while doing research for this post reply (yes I do that, always), I found this unintentionally funny quote when taken out of context:

"For any child under 16 years of age, it is law that they have a C P Licence in place for every shoot they take part in. It is the clients' responsibility to apply for these." --

But then I also found an interesting article about late-onset loss of comprehension and reading skills and ability (sad, considering I was always top of my class as far as my first language go anyway). More searching resulted in hits like: Are Depression and Dyslexia Linked? [I had to spellcheck this post. I have not really done that in years. Not to this extent at least.

Would you look at that, I came so close to not ending this reply on a sad note.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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