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Hogwarts Legacy and modding

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, February 24 2023 at 4:26:56PM

So I've been playing a lot of Hogwarts legacy and it's nice getting to play as a 15-16 year old girl.

The game is pretty good though you wouldn't know it takes place in the 1800's as everyone acts pretty modern. The only thing non-modern is the clothing. The school itself is really well done except for that I don't feel like multiple age ranges are represented as it looks for the most part like everyone in the game is like 16 years old.

This is where modding comes in. People have released mods for modern clothing. More age ranges of the students. etc. Except that Nexus mods has removed almost all of it. Having a mod that allows your character to wear a skirt (not a mini skirt mind you, a skirt hallway down to the knees) was deleted for contributing to that awful male gaze. Cause how dare those males look at an attractive video game character. Even a shorts mod was deleted. Cause too many guys were looking at a 15 year old in shorts in a video game. I mean my god how horrifying.

The age mod also deleted, as students walking around in full robes with only their face and hands showing is horrifying. How dare we see younger teens at all. Someone might feel attracted to a female. That attraction then instantly victimizes her.

I mean this stuff has gone so over the wall. I once said I thought children might eventually be banned from being seen at all and people said that was ridiculous. I don't think we are too far off. There have been calls for movies/tv shows to not allow anyone below the age of 18 to be in them after all.

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