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We'll give you a lick off the front end...

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 21 2023 at 05:38:10AM
In reply to Test posted by GC's ISP on Friday, January 20 2023 at 08:54:17AM

(No idea what they really means. I heard it somewhere in a business deal.)

Only if our next keeper doesn't completely ghost on us.

To the point, it's really about the chat going poof.

I'm not privy to details of inner workings, but am willing to provide financial support in exchange for visible results (namely chat restoration).

However, this was already on the table before, known by our disappeared caretaker.

I don't think anyone's going to throw money without seeing any changes though, to be very honest. 15 years of dead links makes trust a slight issue.

I used to donate. I would again if there were any sign at all that someone had GC's technical interests in mind.

I see the sharks now circling and mocking, who were previously kicked. I'm ready to abandon this place if it's destined for the trash heap anyway. Then again, a few people would cheer that, so..


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