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Yeah, chat often froze...

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, January 24 2023 at 03:53:07AM
In reply to REGARDING CHAT posted by GC's ISP on Monday, January 23 2023 at 5:02:56PM

...for everyone simultaneously.. maybe every hour or two. Ralf is some old, yet also secure code, if what I've been told is correct. We love being able to leave "private" memo messages for one another, if only just out of view to lurking individual haters reading the board. I don't think we'd be against a different format like LL's, provided we still had that "private" memo-message communication option (nevertheless accessible to a webmaster capable of making sure nothing nefarious or legally iffy was going on.)

I think just the ability to chat real-time and/or leave messages to one another was important. If we had to keep dealing with occasional freeze-burps, we wouldn't complain.

(Also, a good word hereby put in for Hajduk, who has not been able to access the chat for a long time.)

I honestly wish to send some meaningful financial appreciation should this all happen. I'd prefer to exchange email addresses in the chat and not on the public board toward that end. (See what I did there?)

Thank you for your not-required effort! It IS appreciated.


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