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"child porn, or CSAM as it's often called now"

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 01 2022 at 04:21:29AM
In reply to Where it all started posted by Matt on Friday, April 29 2022 at 0:04:24PM

First time I have clicked one of your posts. I'll be honest (truly).

Me, right off the bat:

"CSAM? "Did I miss the new-terms memo again, or is this some new word-change by the woke: soft driven, slow and mad, like some new language?"

I respect your decision about porn. You could check the history of my own posts here. I've never been one who defended porn of any kind. However, you might think even less of me to know that I instead preferred to defend actual mutually desired relationships. I've always seen porn as a superficial replacement, something that temporarily quells physical urges, and does not really address the multiple facets of child love. It's also known to be addictive, no matter who you are attracted to.

Being engaged in anything illegal is of course stressful to anyone who has the capability of thinking about the potential consequences of what they do. Those who don't have this ability, I suspect, wind up in prison rather quickly. There are many like that, some just lacking in IQ, lacking in impulse control, or others with invincibility complexes. We've all seen them.

It makes sense to feel the way you do. To many of us, this love is a very tender thing, actually almost an escape from a harsh cold world that seems to grow ever more so by the day. That we could encounter years or a life in prison for that nearly sacred innocent love we feel is a nightmare scenario which doesn't make any sense to us. So again, no surprise that it gives you such conflicted feelings.

I'm not going to judge whether looking at pixels on a screen harms someone. I would say differently if you were actively encouraging a creator or paying for content. I will say that porn (in my view only) is a very poor replacement or substitute for a loving relationship. I say that knowing that the kinds of relationships you and I desire are not legal, but it is nevertheless what I believe, so therein lies the conundrum for many.

Some argue that illegal porn helps them to not commit illegal acts against a real child. I suspect there is some validity to that claim.

In any case, what I can tell you is that there are also a lot of "anti-pedo" nutcases out there, who are either deranged regardless of their own past experiences, or who actually did suffer terrible and actual sexual abuse, and are not mentally capable of seeing differences or degrees of attraction beyond the person who did things with them. That's just a fact, and not knowing where their own mind is at, can place you at great risk no matter how "gentle" or "not acting on urges" you may claim to be. You can say it all day until you're blue in the face, and many of them will still see you as someone who needs a slow, torturous death. So be warned from this side as well.

I'd also tell anyone that anything you do with your real IP and without a VPN is tracked, and if you go snooping around places where illegal activity is taking place while "naked", it is not a question of if you will get that feared knock on your door, but only of when.

I wish you the best in finding peace of mind.


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