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Adults are mostly terrible

Posted by LOD on Sunday, April 24 2022 at 06:47:37AM

When I'm not in the company of a child I prefer to be alone. The only person in this world I can trust is myself. I can't stand adults; they are boring, trite, ugly and worst of all judgemental and dangerous. For my entire life I've had to hide and lie. I've had to lie so much and for so long lying has become easy. It doesn't even bother me anymore. I'll lie about anything because it is what they deserve; it is what they asked for. I hate them so much. When I'm with a little girl I pray she never grows up even though I know she will; but I think maybe some way I can stop her from becoming awful by loving me forever - not in the romantic sense, but in a true sense. I want her to love me as a pedophile even as she gets older and marries and has kids of her own. But can a pedophile ever love an adult and can an adult ever love a pedophile or are we natural enemies? Have you ever had a little girlfriend who grew up and accepted you as a pedophile and cherished and trusted you forever?

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