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Did you see the interview?

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, April 03 2022 at 10:41:44PM
In reply to You must be joking posted by walkinginthepark on Sunday, April 03 2022 at 4:10:08PM

Did you see the interview with Scott Ritter?

That's a starting point for this conversation.

Are you familiar with the fact that Ukraine has had literal Nazis (who call themselves Nazis and use Nazi symbols) killing civilians in eastern Ukraine for EIGHT YEARS?

Are you only upset about it now?

And if we find that someone is killing civilians in eastern Ukraine now - where much of the population is ethnic Russian - who should we presume is killing them? Russians? Or Nazis who hate Russians?

I'm not going to say who is doing the killing either way, because I don't know. Certainly Russians have a long history of crimes against civilians - but so do Ukrainians, and so do Nazis.

But it's easy to find photos of civilians who have been killed. In fact, we often see the same photos again and again, to illustrate multiple conflicts.

We're obviously being lied to. The only questions are who are telling the lies, and what lies are they telling?

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