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You must be joking

Posted by walkinginthepark on Sunday, April 03 2022 at 4:10:08PM
In reply to about Russia? posted by Baldur on Sunday, April 03 2022 at 03:06:02AM

You're not being serious are you?

This war has been different to most by the amount of photo and video footage coming from civilians in this highly connected society to the several million refugees coming into Europe eager to tell their stories. Highly regarded war reporters from different nations have been reporting from the ground, some have died doing that, but they've been showing the civilian dead and horrific scenes on the ground. These aren't just American or European reporters.

Then there's the satellite coverage of the mass destruction of residential areas. As they pull out of areas, the grim reality of what they're leaving behind is no less shocking.

When there are so many refugees telling the same stories and showing the same pictures and video of lost loved ones it becomes impossible to deny what is going on.

The people in Russian uniform inflicting this are not soldiers. Soldiers fight soldiers. These are murderers, child and women murderers, the lowest and most cowardly type. Hanging is too good for people who can do that.

I'm sorry but I don't get angry about things often but invading a country, forcing millions of families to flee their own country as innocent civilians are murdered puts the Russian soldiers alongside the worst that Nazi Germany put out. And yes, I've spoken to some refugees myself who were moved to my town and their stories alone are heart breaking.

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