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Nice to see you back

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, March 29 2022 at 11:26:51PM
In reply to Spirited debate over the war with Tom O'Carroll posted by Dissident on Sunday, March 27 2022 at 10:23:28PM

Not going to comment on all of it, but it is nice for once to see people normally on differing sides of an issue switch and not be on the same side for every issue. I wish more politics could work like this and people be allowed to take different sides without being demanded you march in lock step to whatever your party or side demands. To see you on the side of Tucker Carlson, Candice Owens, and some other people on the right and me on the side of Biden, Griffith, and Ocasio Cortez is fairly amusing. Even though our individual positions are far more nuanced than claiming sides allows.

This all being said what I wrote about fully supporting Ukraine was before Zelensky shut down opposition political parties (supposedly just for the war, but I know freedom taken away is rarely recovered). While I have no special love for socialists, communists, Russian people's parties etc. I absolutely defend their right to exist.

If I were president Biden I would make any additional aid contingent on restoring the rights of those parties to exist. I would also demand a full investigation into abuse of Russian soldiers. Though the second one does appear to be happening. Of course I'm not Biden and major media other than Fox News barely noted Zelensky shutting down those political parties.

I still support Ukraine having a right to defend itself. I do not think Zelensky is acting alone here. I fully believe he has the support of at least over 50% of Ukrainians in not just rolling over and letting Russia do what it wants. If I were Ukrainian I would accept no NATO, but not demilitarization. Which is another demand of Russia's and the big one. If Ukraine has no army they can easily just be grabbed. But, that's just me. I support the people of Ukraine to make any decision they want in regards to how they are ruled.

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