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BDSM child brothels in the basement.

Posted by hierophant on Tuesday, November 23 2021 at 00:50:14AM
In reply to "Free CP Newsletters" - No, seriously. posted by Eeyore on Monday, November 22 2021 at 01:10:48AM

These are the types that would believe in "q". The supposed source of the conspiracy theory is that every Democrat politician either has a BDSM child brothel in the basement or knows someone that does. If one of them guns down a group of Democrat politicians in hopes of saving children from BDSM child brothels in the basement then I'll have a reason to celebrate.

Witch hunts, inquisitions, and crusades is a thing I used to think only Christians did. Now I know there are many religions secular and theistic that do also. Leftists who currently control politics, the press, and big tech are currently the ones to worry about when it comes to witch hunts, inquisitions, and crusades because Leftoids hold the power.

Christians although no longer in power still have power as demonstrated here. They will witchhunt, inquisition, and crusade in the limited space that they still have power.

What the Christian Colledge did is to be expected. They are stupid.

I have met a Christian who is an anomaly his name is Max Malikow It's been years since I've seen him and I no longer live in the same area. He is a Christian that actually seems reformed. Very understanding even when it comes to the most difficult to understand. An actual loving Christian. He is a Therapist as well and although he falls for many of the ignorant trappings therapists believe in. He is still very smart. Last I knew he was still involved with gay conversion therapy.

I had a weird misunderstanding with Max Malikow. He returned my call but the phone had fallen between the couch cushions. My mom picked up her receiver first. I told her I was looking for the other receiver. When I told her I found the other receiver she hung up just before I had a chance to pick it up. I never tried to contact him again after that.

I know about being careful with identifying information. I figure I'm still anonymous enough and Max Malikow deserves a good mention.

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