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replied yesterday, but new-circuited b4 previw:(

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 24 2021 at 05:01:05AM
In reply to BDSM child brothels in the basement. posted by hierophant on Tuesday, November 23 2021 at 00:50:14AM

Not the first time I lost a post with time spent on it.

Q. I don't get it, nor its followers. Not even from its beginnings. I have heard it's a psy-op, but if so, it's a very poor one. Why did anyone fall for it? Clearly, and without hate, I honestly just don't get the follower motives.

Yes, the Right and the Left demonize us for reasons that oppose one another. Since we are not expected to be defended from either side, it becomes slightly entertaining to see their claims and accusations against us. The Right says the Left is indoctrinating the children, though the Left says adult men attracted to children is Patriarchy.

OTOH, the Left is promoting gender confusion to both sexes of children, while the Right says everyone on the Left intends to assimilate pedophilia.

They will figure out the reality eventually. I personally don't see hope for our preference any time soon, but if we are a current football, I am willing to see it kicked around as a hot potato. It is sorta funny to watch, TBH.


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