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"Free CP Newsletters" - No, seriously.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, November 22 2021 at 01:10:48AM

Below is a story about about a scandal, covered in a publication called the Christian Post. (I would have posted the link from Reason instead, but they can't seem to reason people's right to privacy surfing the internets.)

It's about a young "non-binary" professor who tries to support Dissident's loved term "MAPS" over pedophiles. I've personally never taken to the label myself. I just hate the suffix "phile" that suggests mental instability. Apparently it's a big scandal now, and they them (how many?) has now been placed on administrative leave for suggesting words. It may be fine to call oneself by a term that defies biology and re-educate everyone in your school to do the same, but apparently it's going way too far to get rid of a term of identity that is historically equated to having committed crime just by existing.

Not exactly the face of support I'd prefer to see defending us to the status quo Jane and John Doe out there in everyday America (I think it only helps those who think THEY are also screwed up in the head), but whatever.

The part that made me laugh was scrolling to the end to the advertising of CP newsletters. That was a little unfortunate. :D


• ( https link ) All over the MAPS.

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