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Why should misandry be taught to LGs!?

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, October 18 2021 at 01:11:32AM
In reply to Also posted by LOD on Sunday, October 17 2021 at 11:22:33PM

I half-suspect I won't be given a reply here, due to possible agendas at play, but I'll try any way...

I didn't see the new Wonder Woman movie/s. Of course I wouldn't personally watch such feminist drivel/propaganda. I do tend to agree with you though that LGs should be allowed to fantasize about being strong if they wish. But I did hear from a trusted MAP source of mine who saw one of the Wonder Woman movies that WW says in the movie something along the lines of "Men are idiots!". I've previously been a Batman fan in life, and recall numerous times characters like the Catwoman and Bat-Girl talking this way as well, either in movies, or comics.

Why should this be taught!?

Perhaps #feminism needs to take a new approach at marketing to LGs?

But, yeah, sorry, reality is unnecessarily cruel. I do think a good step towards raising good children is honesty. If people have an issue with being honest with children about potentially real situations, it's they who are in the wrong...

Maybe it's time the powers-that-be, such as feminists, start actually working towards a world without things like war, so that girls and women will no longer be taken as sex slaves and etc? I don't call bombing Afghanistan so that girls can go to school and not be married-off while allowing Muz-scums to fuck little boys up the ass part of the solution...

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