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Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, October 18 2021 at 02:32:02AM
In reply to Most comic book stories are written by men posted by LOD on Monday, October 18 2021 at 02:18:46AM

You might... sort of... have a point about the comic books. But wasn't it you who said it's okay if LGs want to be like Wonder Woman!?

I Still have no doubt there is great feminist influence in these writings, and even women writers. And as truly sorry I am to burst your bubble, the western world has been ruled over by feminism, and even women, for a long time now. It's blatantly obvious if you pay attention. Therefore, my point is, there are plenty of men brainwashed by feminism's ideals themselves! Don't you remember Barack Obama saying that it was his wife and daughters who convinced him to allow homosexual marriage (not that it's a bad thing)? This is one example of how women rule the world.

And before you get excited, Just because most world leaders are men means NOTHING. Nothing. Most world leaders are puppet tools and stooges. There are different theories about who's pulling the strings.

And yeah, sure, there are feminists who oppose war. No need to drop names of groups.... I believe you! But my point is that perhaps the ways in which they oppose war are corrupt, and probably adding fuel to the fire?? If these "groups" wanted war to be over, it could be done in just a decade or two. Instead such psy-ops are actually adding to it. And feminism is possibly the biggest psy-op the world has ever seen.


To repeat:

And yeah, sure, there are feminists who oppose war! There are also plenty of Muslims who oppose Jihad, or even Shariah. They are just stray wild cards in the grander scheme of things.

... as much as I hate 'no true scotsmans'...

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