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TOTALLY True! (males)

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, October 18 2021 at 00:05:01AM
In reply to Also posted by LOD on Sunday, October 17 2021 at 11:22:33PM

I say this not viewing myself as an alpha. They are being systematically alienated from their natural masculinity, via shame, via intellectual challenge, via diet, via environmental pollution, via entertainment, via partners... the list goes on.

As for girls, I am ALWAYS for them being STRONG individuals, but when that includes hostility toward males, hostility toward heterosexuality, hostility toward bearing children for future generations? Well, THEN I have a real problem with it. I adore strength within femininity. I have grown in my views over the years however, and now abhor the alternate route of feminism. It is killing society, in my personal view only. I feel late to this awakening, TBH. I should have noticed it long ago.

Men and women are a yin-yang, to reference Asia.. they can both be strong, while still remaining within their male-female roles. Anyone who claims otherwise is out to alienate the sexes from one another and destroy the species, or at least destroy certain societies when that view is peculiarly not shared globally in ALL parts of the world.


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