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You unpacked a lot there

Posted by LOD on Monday, October 18 2021 at 02:00:32AM
In reply to TOTALLY True! (males) posted by Eeyore on Monday, October 18 2021 at 00:05:01AM

First of all there are different waves of feminism and different fractions within feminism with widely opposing views. You are talking about a lot of different stuff without a clear explanation of where it is coming from.

But heterosexauls are not under any real attack. Majority of the world is heterosexual and if heterosexuals think they are under attack they should try being a pedophile for a day.

Also I don't of many feminists who hate mothers. I know of feminist who don't want to be mothers and that is fine. I'm not a father. I don't have any kids. Why would I demand that women have kids? That would be hypocritical. But I don't have to demand anything, many women will have kids regardless. It is fine if some choose not to.

There are factions of feminism I hate. Particularly radical feminists who are anti sex work and anti trans. They share more in common with the radical right than they do with sex positive feminism.

And I don't know what proper male and female roles are to be honest and I probably would fit the mold of what a proper "man" should be. I'm a pedophile who enjoys playing with dolls. My favorite food is ice cream. I enjoy baking and i don't like male sports. Lol.

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