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Perhaps I was too harsh, but Buddhism?

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Friday, September 24 2021 at 6:29:11PM
In reply to On that point, though posted by sans on Friday, September 24 2021 at 5:29:13PM

Sorry, sans. I would like to take back some of what I said. Don't take it too personally.


Sex is a HUMAN need. I'll say no more, except that many of us are forced to be celibate. That's not good.

I've seen clips of the Buddhist way of life, specifically the monks, and it doesn't look too happy to me. So I don't believe what you're saying there, not for a second. Buddhism, while one of the 'better' religions, has not been very peaceful, from what I've heard. I'm no expert on Buddhism, but from what I've seen, it's another nasty sexually repressive religion, and shows why more of Satan is needed in the world (freedom!).

You mention the Dali Lama in positive light which makes me think this is another case of misinformation, ignorance, and de-education. While again, no expert on Buddhism here (besides the fact that it's become clear to me that being able to read from Buddhist texts is quite a rarity), I've seen a lot of information on the Dali Lama.

He is a CIA-stooge who brutalized and killed his own people. He's a monster who fights against and imprisons his own people for worshipping certain Saints he doesn't approve of. He's no different from Killary, Oprah, Obama, and all the other 'liberal' tools.

Next time, ask me to do Ghandi...

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