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Btw, GL in Lyrics once told me in chat..

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 29 2021 at 04:26:19AM
In reply to I'd be sad if we lost you. posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, September 29 2021 at 03:32:54AM

Somebody thought we were the same person. Let me set that record straight.

I have said it before and will say it again. I have never interacted with others here at GC under any other nic than this one. I am proud of this fact. There was a time when I knew our haters were outing people I knew privately and in person. Their lives were being destroyed by tar-geting as well as "doxing" well before that term later became a thing. Not for illegal actions, but simply for their identity.

They even got mainstream news outlets showing up on doorsteps for possible scoops, once again, not for illegal actions, but because "pedophilia" just happened to be a hot emotional topic.

Nobody's ever read THAT thread here before, have they. Well, it's true. We'll never get that sympathetic little cookie-cutter PBS Ken Burns documentary for the hate directed at us, not for our actions, but for admitting OUR IDENTITY.

The temptation to melt away and become somebody new was VERY real for me. It took more than most of you know to resist cowering away into a little shell that nobody knew. There's a few others who did the same. They know who they are. All of us were prized targets, for no other reason than a nic on a belt, or maybe an ear on a string. Or for some pot-bellied narcissist from Grand Rapids to gain another smirk amongst his minions. Looks over his shoulder to this day, and rumor has it, it's probably not without warrant.

Fuck them. Most of us didn't flinch. Because we honestly believed in what we said and were willing to face the result. It may not seem to matter anymore, but I hold my head high for what we all endured.

Wait, I was talking to sans I think. I know GL in private exchanges, sort of like I used to know you that way. I can be friends with people even when there are things I don't agree with them. Especially when we just happen to like the same girls:)

I hope u don't leave, sans.


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