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casual terrorist attack in inland n. america.

Posted by jd420 on Monday, March 22 2021 at 11:39:40PM

The funny thing about this is that we know alot about how this happened.

The "equality act" passed the house recently. This mentioned queers, mentioned the 14th amendment, and then turns around and uses profoundly discriminatory definitions. Veto that shit, Biden...

...the interesting thing about this is that, well, extortion and shakedown efforts are at a feverish pitch. Here's one example...

...full shakedown. MOST of these are out of the UK, which strongly suggest two things : one, that there is a lot of vehicle traffic in Niagra Falls, running suitcases of cash - and the other is that a bank with strong presence in both the UK and Ontario is being used to finance terrorism and illegal bribery efforts.

Shhould narrow the banking search down. Might even be as interesting as asking "who owns these oil platforms, anyways?" was.

There's no longer a sea connection north of the port of New York to connect Ontario with Europe or the UK wing of the terror cell...

...the same is true in the north pacific, courtesy of semi-passive biowarfare. Turns out I'm much more down with biowarfare than I thought. I'd have trouble pulling this off alone, though - my DNA sequencing would have made me the wizard in 1950 and 1960, now, not so much. Not one of my main sciences., yeah, nothing north of the line. Instead, these bastards decide to shake down some Morons of the Church of LSD...

...and run the only route they have.

...and some legislator from a bizzare little subdistrict of manilla introduced anti-cp legislation which is being buried by the internet right before the coup.

The other end of that route, which usually runs SE asian methampehtamine, ends up in baja and Odgden pretty quickly, and in fact anyone can whip out a fairly low-resolution map and lok at the courier's path to this terrorist act.

The odd little thing about this is that one of the few things the Drumpf administration did - besides calling for political dissidents to be murdered - is to fuck around in Tajikstan and Uzbhekistan. For, against, no one knows. It doesn't really affect the meth trade much, because no one ships methamphetamine to southeast asia. If Drumpf was not supporting international terrorism and that route is closed, however, the only known way into the region is UK->NZ., it's entirely possible that we have narrowed down the banking field and isolated the cell to the UK, with Ontario and the UK mostly split from each other. These aren't particularly subtle geniuses. Other accomplishments include having a list of US representatives who took money in support of terrorist attacks against the civilian populace of the United States at the behest of a foreign power.

You can probably help... restoring the rightful ownership of native land just a little to the north of there. Portugal was briefly the purveyor of mission schools until the cessation of the alliance with spain and the switch to england/the netherlands moved the school crisis to canada, so there should be a number of folks willing to say "fuck you." In fact, land back for all of california wouldn't be bad; I probably could snag in northern california, honestly...

I'd like to point out that I overtly prefer a 100% death toll to tolerating these guys, so a little shooting is not grounds for surrender, soviet-commisar style. If anyone has info as to whether Drumpf's foray in the 'stans was pro-terrorism or anti-terrorism, we'll know if we have these fuckers, and their banking, pinned down....

Meanwhile, the fed's actions re becoming increasingly irrelevant to our liberation. We may be able to eat the moron that was dumbfuck enough to take a swing at us.

That should be good. And it's all because they went all-in on a terror attack on what little they have left...


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