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No one discount the seriousness of the COVID

Posted by Sobakevich on Friday, February 05 2021 at 06:29:07AM
In reply to OT: Do you guys really consider this a "pandemic"? posted by sans on Thursday, February 04 2021 at 8:22:04PM

However, like anything of great hype, it has been blown out of proportion.
Like a war on germs, war on COVID has become a mental war where people are losing their marbles over how to cope with it.
The virus will most certainly mutate again, and perhaps become even stronger as it must survive when it encounters strong resistance. After all, abiogenesis has shown the strongest organism survives and becomes viable, and adapts to exist in an environment.
This pandemic has exposed the real problem. The world's population is less healthy.
It is most tragic in the US, where many people have underlying problems.
There is a self-inflicted reason why Americans trail other developed countries when it comes to addressing health issues until it is too late.
It is sad to watch the wealthiest county in the world become number ONE, as orange shit stain wanted - no less - to be even in death!
Also, the sheer amount of garbage information put out there for profit or to scare the populace is astounding!
I am afraid COVID will become a mental endemic in America!
The lack of mental health will only exacerbate the issue.

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