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Freedom of speech

Posted by Baldur on Friday, December 25 2020 at 8:18:36PM
In reply to Reddit forbids pedophilia activism but hosts Nazis posted by girlzRprettiest on Friday, December 18 2020 at 02:41:57AM

Back in the day there was freedom of speech on the internet. The format itself made censorship very difficult if not impossible. Unfortunately, the centralization of platforms in the past twenty years has changed this considerably.

But I am confused by your description of Nazis as ultraconservative. They were quite the opposite: they were on the political left, closely aligned with the progressive movement in the United States - from whom they got much of their race theory and - more importantly - ideas about what to do about racial differences.

Which makes it difficult to know exactly how to reply to this post: I'm absolutely in favor of freedom of speech. It is the only way by which an aggrieved party can appeal their case to the public, and to prevent that speech is an assault on both the aggrieved party and the right of the public to know and judge the facts for themselves. That is true for us, just as it is true for actual conservatives who are presently being censored by many of the same platforms that censor us.

I do realize, of course, that historically conservatives also often made use of censorship - there are very few groups that have not engaged in censorship when they had the power to do so. There are stupid people and people inclined to abuse power across the political spectrum, and always have been.

We've been trying to get platforms like Reddit to stop censoring us for a very long time. In fact, Reddit used to be better than average in this regard - until its administration was pushed into censoring us. I'd love to figure out a way to restore the freedom of speech that we used to have on the internet, but I think it has become clear that until the public decides to value freedom of speech there isn't much we can do.

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