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Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Monday, January 04 2021 at 00:22:24AM
In reply to You don't know what political conservatism is posted by girlzRprettiest on Sunday, January 03 2021 at 7:08:44PM

An argument is made for you against freedom of speech, wanting freedom of speech for pedos.

If you think only ultra right got banned from reddit or youtube you just don't follow anyone on the right at all. Or centrists for that matter who got banned. It's gotten to the point where even a couple of Joe Biden types got cancelled. Just not far enough left for our corporate billionare democratic overlords who elected Joe Biden.

The main thing is if you think it's ok to ban anyone you don't like for their opinions and as you are clearly anti free speech, it's laughable to see you here proposing pedophiles should be given freedom of speech.

And no they aren't going to listen because you provide them facts. Most of the world wont listen to anything they don't believe in because facts. Emotional appeals are what leads into facts.

But, no one is stopping you from doing whatever methods you want to continue the cause. Please do so. I genuinely wish you good luck in it.

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