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I last voted in 2008.

Posted by LGsouL on Monday, November 02 2020 at 11:14:06PM
In reply to USA election 2020. posted by Qtns2di4 on Monday, November 02 2020 at 6:41:28PM

It was my first election and I voted Obama. It was back when I took the current political system seriously. Two years later I became (and still am) an anarcho-capitalist. Rather just a voluntarist. Whatever you wanna call it. Hard-lined libertarian. Rothbardian.

I do not agree with voting in general. However, I am voting Trump mainly because it is so blatantly obvious that all the major powers want Trump to lose. Hollywood, the MSM, sports, social media etc.

I also despise the Covid-19 over reaction and Biden is all about it.

If anything proved Trump isn't an authoritarian it's the fact that he did not use Covid-19 to seize ridiculous amounts of power, he left it up to the states... as was the correct choice. He is not some amazing hero by any means, but IDK it's kinda of a troll vote for me.

I liked his SCOTUS picks as well.

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