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Thank you.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 1:41:00PM
In reply to Watch the movie 'Cuties' here for free. - link - posted by Children First! on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 01:47:14AM

I watched it in its entirety. The girls were above my AoA so I can be as impartial as a normal (non-pedophile) guy can be.

I thought the acting was awesome. The emotions that the girls conveyed were perfectly natural and believable. I thought the story line was very good. The few dancing scenes were timed in the story line very well. However, there are a couple places with one or two of the dance scenes that I have issues with.

No, not the sexual implications of the dance moves. That fit into the story perfectly. Yes, they were sexually originated and the girls were mimicking... no, better would be "duplicating"... adult dancing. It made the story work.

What I did have to raise an eyebrow to was the camera's insistence on crotch shots and booty shots that were over-done. Once or twice was fine, but more than that was light-porn. I think it gave credit to the complains that seemed to have followed the movie.

There were a couple scenes that showed a slap here and there. Nothing horrible. There was one scene where (I think) someone wrote that there was a murder/killing. From what I saw (and assumed was the scene) there was no death. If that, indeed, was the scene, I refer you (or whoever) to the orange buoy the girl was reaching for.

Thank you, Children First!, for giving me the link. The video quality was very poor but viewable. And, yes, I did press enter 3 or 4 times.

I think it was a very good movie.


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