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It may just be your eyes.

Posted by Children First! on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 2:22:07PM
In reply to Thank you. posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 1:41:00PM

Hmm, well, I'd say the video quality is pretty darn good, maybe it's just your eyes...

Posted by Gimwinkle on Tuesday, August 04 2020

"...Also called lens replacement surgery, cataract surgery is the removal of the natural lens of the eye (also called "crystalline lens") that has developed an opacification, which is referred to as a cataract, and its replacement with an intraocular lens. I've had both of my eyes surgery corrected for cataracts. Before, I had myopia (I could only see close up without glasses). Today, I can see far and almost near without glasses. I need dollar store reading glasses when I read small print. As I type this on my computer, I am not wearing any glasses at all."

P.s. I like your sigpic - such style in a painting brings me great joy!

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