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You are welcome my friend! (ᴖᴥᴖ) +deeper insight.

Posted by Children First! on Tuesday, September 29 2020 at 10:02:59PM
In reply to Thank you, posted by Human on Tuesday, September 29 2020 at 10:19:28AM

Given the nature of my prudence -learned mostly through self discipline, caused by trial and error, and learning the 'hard way'-, I have waited at least 12 hours to respond. I have slept on my written response, and now I am awake again, feeling acceptable to the idea of releasing it, especially after letting things settle down as much as possible, also giving the chance for others to opinionate, while avoiding communicational problems that occur simply from responding too quickly...... Keep in mind that restraint - or 'temperance'- is another great 'cardinal virtue' other than prudence, along with justice... and fortitude, of course, which are of value to those who would like to be truly wise; and to be wise, you must be disciplined/self disciplined to a certain degree. There is no other way. We must all be in control of ourselves around others, or there will be suffering and death. Can you see how this has affected humanity in this day of age? Do I really need to speak of the pandemic alone to remind you who has and who has not followed disciplinary measures/protocol for the health of everyone? Meditate on what it means to be in control -what it means to have at least a little bit of discipline to get what we want as humans. Without discipline - forget the idea of consent to have sex with someone without continuously causing problems. Without consent as we know it and want it to be, people will get raped, sometimes brutally. This is real, and it happens as it has always happened throughout history. However, human rape in comparison to non-human rape can be an unspeakable horror, because the human mind and body is capable of doing mind-blowing things, and without discipline, mind-blowing could be taken literally when I say it, for example, to be raped and then fed hard drugs while left naked in a cage for three weeks before the rape victim gets their mind-blown, along with their brains, from one gunshot through the skull from a .44 magnum. The world can be an ugly place, just as the truth is, until you work with it.

Submitting to a certain amount of obedience and order for a higher common good is what we all want one way or another - it comes with our hard wiring- part of the herd mentality- the sad part is most of the dominant culture out there is selfish in this natural endeavor - hyper intensified by the attractiveness of purely hedonistic lifestyles advertised openly and subliminally, aimed to ruin your life for profit. The type of discipline you are thinking about is not what I have in mind, or at least, not as extreme as you may believe, that I must say am not making an attempt to promote. The problem with writing radically is that it takes so much more work to get someone to understand who has been submerged in dysfunctional aspects of culture just enough to not ever in their lifetime experience or think about what it means to truly live. This world is in very deep trouble... in fact, it's position is lacking any possibility to have a worthy revolution to fix it before it collapses. The children (who are rarely seen) are naturally beautiful/pure/innocent for a little while but are growing up to quickly follow the paradigms of destruction, in the steps of mostly pathetic and corrupt parents, which is a real heartbreaker to be a witness to. When I think of Greta Thunberg, I feel a little better.

Anyway, without discipline, we have no sustainable wisdom; without wisdom we have in the end a very limited ability to truly be happy as a whole, unless we are very selfish - and for some reason, being solipsistic is in vogue, and raging amongst the opiated masses. The world is over populated at this point - and even if the world becomes sustainable (deep green), the population of the world will still be too high. It should never have gotten this high even if it was sustainable from the beginning. Everything is exploding out of control. Boredom and inability to have an attention span to read a longer post about children and how special they are is not even exciting, because it is not a quick experience to enjoy and move on to the next - it takes more dedication that only in the end will you know if it was worth it. Most won't take that risk - no patience - no discipline for higher learning - purely hedonistic - selfish. With that said, I hope this is worth your time, whoever you are. Congratulations on hanging around.

The meaning of life is to be secure; and to be secure enables one to experience happiness, among other great things. Security comes before happiness. Security comes from peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from not being around whatever will disturb your thoughts. What disturbs your thoughts usually comes from that which is not controlled. What is uncontrollable usually lacks discipline, one way or another.

Well before I write any more, thank you so much for acknowledging that you have read my work and thus making an effort to communicate in return by means of basic, fairly rational, constructive criticism. I am sure you have many interesting things to say, of which we could both discuss and agree upon. It means more to me than you will ever know, which is what I am willing to allow you to know for starters in this reply.

What I have written and you have read is a very specific conclusion, a very specific answer, realized through and after making many sacrifices forged by the necessity of truly being alive to the fullest and applying critical philosophy mostly during the 'quiet' hours (after and through the 'loud' ones), over great periods of time, and such a conclusion was born without any seemingly worthy alternative to it. Seriously. All I know that I can do at this point is expand the work, and improve it to as close to perfection as possible. As full of the desire as I am to obtain the greatest truths, I can not go any further than the answers I have concluded upon that reveal how humanity must function to be stabile, sustainable, balanced, organic, healthy and sane. My mind has finally come to what looks like a bright white room without walls, made of purity and infinite vastness, where there is no need to seek any deeper answers, and there are no other doors to open to see what is behind them. It is a kind of enlightenment - it is mere human consciousness eventually taken to an extreme - and I only have gratitude for staying alive and getting to where I am now, through everything that I have endured in my life. What I provide in writing is only part of this experiential limit, however.

I will say that if you find that there is at most a better way to improve the entire human situation, or at least provide an improved way to go about this strategy I have began to form and make aware to others for the purpose of seeing a real way to save the planet / keep humanity stable, etc., please, I beg you, let me know, and soon, as I am about to be 'homeless' by choice (before being forced to inevitably) and far away from the internet.

Yes, *everything* is deeply 'linked'. I am happy that you understand what I am talking about here, Human. It is sad that the longer time passes, the less one may see of how the connections are made to all things through human design... connections that create who we are... and who we are is partly from the mess that we were literally born into. Reductionism within philosophy helps. Asking every who, what, where, when, how and why helps. Studying history, anthropology and biology helps. Studying linguistics, semantics, and semiotics helps. Being alone in solitude and away from others helps. . .which I find to be as pleasurable as it is depressing these days...

-I completely agree with this statement: 'Materialism and consumerism (in my opinion) negates the need for a philosophically and sexually enlightened child-class. All that matters is that they become productive consumers, rather than sexually-liberated free-thinking individuals.'

The intentions of dominant culture (which are arbitrary) in combination with what controls it and wants to ultimately do for everyone creates it's own middle ground for quality [read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to learn more about 'quality', etc.], of which can easily be disagreed upon by itself and done so until such quality of life is finally changed (or at least within the counterculture, select subcultures and microcultures/climates) after attempting to be forced as square pegs into round holes that the dominant culture chooses to exercise for it to function for a favorable outcome, altering any and all other functions it encounters that may get in the way. The only way to make the human situation sustainable is to simplify it. Humans do not understand how primitive they must become to save themselves. Individualism, getting famous or rich, post-modernist beliefs, selfishness, greed, ignorance, denial, cynical behavior, contemptuous behavior, materialism, consumerism, various forms of private property within over-accumulated amounts of occupied space and elements, violent and careless behavior, are all very deep problems, and need to come to an end. (The list of what is wrong is very long of course, but I have chosen to reply to what you were talking about initially, which is how the examples that I have written have come to mind - and be aware of how, in your reply, or anyone's reply, [you] can easily alter the light of the subject simply by adding a comment, no matter what it is. That is how the good of the world has been destroyed over time: by people who do not think before they speak, from a lack of discipline. I have no real interest in 'right' or 'left' politics (considering my radical approach) as I like to think in my head without all that is wrong in the world which prevents me from understanding, seeing and living by the 'truth'. Both the left and right are out of control, dysfunctional, and insane at this point. Did you know that I just want to talk about children, and what we can do with and for them, more than anything?... should I waste my time talking too much about things that do not exist/ should not exist in nature?). I look at non-human animals and see almost no problems in their sustainability, (except for how savage they can be specifically to survive in certain environments) and therefore have become model in my mind for how all the creatures of the world need to operate, cooperating together in equilibrium, with an emphasis on humanity, as human conscious differs from non-human consciousness, and therefore has more responsibility because of it - it is required now to have control, there is no looking back for too long, no looking away in ignorance allowed.

[I want you to look at me - I want you to see me breathe - I want to spend time with you and show everyone how to live in the best of ways with or without children playing and learning in sight all around us. In the year 1960 AD, 36% of the human population comprised of children, and has gone down ever since, but children will always exist, wherever there are sentient beings. The most sentient creatures are humans, and we are the ones who have controlled life on the planet more than any other.]

. . .As for discipline, it is required. Either you have it or you do not. I implore everyone to think deeper about how different humans are to non-humans, especially now. I implore you to look at what happens within humanity when discipline is left out of the picture, more or less. Without discipline starting from an early age, people and other creatures get hurt. For example...... people get hurt and then insane laws are made by insane people to prevent people who lawmakers consider to be insane from doing possibly such 'insane' things that only may be truly insane in a different way from creating insane laws that can trap anyone in the first place. Did that make sense? I hope it did. Maybe I should just say and remind everyone that it is because of a lack of discipline that humans within the dominant culture have eventually decided for everyone not to allow ourselves to be sexually intimate with younger humans as adults (among other child-adult relations), and that the age of consent laws are simply quite insane to follow these days, without any signs of improving until the collapse of civilization, beginning with the loss of energy resources and the death of the internet. The years 2045 - 2075 AD will be very interesting, I promise. I predict and expect this time period to be exceptional for whatever is left of humanity, considering what I know of cliodynamics. We can do amazing things if we work together.

Our consciousness requires control, as in, 'being in control' of our lives. This is very important. This is one of the sacrifices I have discovered about the truth, the deep truth of humanity. Without discipline, without real control, there will be chaos - chaos within humanity to the point of being considered worthless, and very little real positivity for the human species to be on the planet. Without real structure and discipline, without humans truly being in control of themselves in every little detail, humanity will eventually go extinct after putting themselves through horrific amounts of oppression and suppression, and we are headed in that direction.

Discipline can be fun, should be fun, and will be fun providing the teaching goes smoothly, which is the goal that is parallel to discovering what the meaning of life is. It must be said that no matter how hard humans try to avoid suffering, it will still occur. The goal is to accept this, and work with this, and avoid suffering through discipline. A random thought: those who may be against my ideas of discipline are merely jealous of the conclusion I have come across. Such people may not even understand because, as I have witnessed, have little discipline themselves for one reason or another. It is a harsh world, I know, and I am sorry, for all it is worth, but please do not take it out on me. Do not think I desire attention or recognition for my work. I have come to connect with those who are disciplined out there and know it's importance, and oh boy, I knew the majority of those out there lack such quality, and talk more than they should. I enjoy intelligent commentary from those who are more extroverted, but sometimes I think my favorite types of people are silent readers, and truly introverted. I know you are out there. I care about you deeply. There is always something to write about anything. Did you know we do not have individual souls? -We are all connected. I love you and I love you when I love myself too.

Y.I.S.E. is a bit intense in the way that I put it, I have thought about it many times, yet I see no other way. I seriously do not see another way that is better. Such educational structure and discipline is required. We must have some kind of intimacy 'school' for humans, being taught intimacy even more than other subjects during childhood/youth. Intimacy is far more important than being 'smart' at an early age... to be smart, you must be healthy first. Intimacy is more important than philosophy in the beginning - I promise you, philosophy will come on it's own, during intimacy school and outside of it, and there will be plenty of time for philosophy later in life - and life, under these conditions I strive for, will be long. There is plenty of time to learn everything that is required and what is pleasurable within reasonable, realistic limits. Humans need intimacy to be stable with the planet. This is a connection that humans need to learn and understand. Instead of being philosophical about life, as you seem to think is necessary specifically starting early in life, I implore you that living is more important than talking about living, though chit-chatting is important too. You must live before you can talk with dignity about what it means to be alive, and realistically, what really needs to be talked about? Language/linguistics creates paradoxes and confusion and anger, and life-altering paradoxes can only be avoided through silence - nonverbal action/thought. Talking is over rated, to a certain degree - when what is being talked about is useless to reality, like sarcasm or mockery, for example. Many things are over-rated and put incorrect amounts of emphasis on. . . . There is an endgame to philosophy, and that is living what you know and believe in, which even happens by default anyway. Just make sure to realize that. Adults will always be in control, but it is a matter of how we/they are in control that makes a difference. Children are to be put first, within the care of enlightened adults / parents. There is no other way it needs to be that is natural.

-Children need to live before they begin to theorize how one should live.

-What a child is born into will be a part of their life, forever. A child is sculpted firstly by the parents, by their environments, and by other people - in a plethora of combinations over time.
A child who is born into a situation where adults focus on raising children with structure and discipline should not regret it later in life. The 'discipline' I speak of, like I mentioned in the speech/statement/essay/thesis/manifesto, is similar to Buddhism, and even medical school. I have written an essay called 'Medically-focused Deep-green Anarcho-humanitarian Collectivism' that explains the importance of humans having a sustainable way to live and survive, and would love to share that here for everyone to see, posted as another comment.

There are too many little details I would love to explain for you, for anyone, but the time I have available to do so is limited - thanks to an unfair system. I promise you, if you think harder about what you have qualms about, you will eventually give in to what I am sure is the solution, and am now an activist for. If I had the time, I would turn this information into a book, which was my original intention. The extreme details need to be written about even further, to prove my point... to make my insight air-tight, and fool-proof. See, I have been where you are in your thinking, yet I have found that there are even better ways to think, yet to do so ostracizes you even further away from the thousands-of-years-old system and it's contented slaves/minions and how it functions, which has been dysfunctional from the start. We need to understand what we have done of course, one way being through philosophy, though we must start to take action that true philosophy encourages - and soon. Less talk, more action. Without the action, we will fail. Philosophy is only a superficial action. Philosophy is of equal value to how it is used in reality.

Maybe my writing here will help to explain certain things, maybe not well enough, maybe not at all. All I can say is I am extremely critical of many things and desire the truth about life very very badly, and my 'speech' is a reflection of the conclusion that I have finally come to after many years. I want to explain so many things, like what what my life has been like in solitude for over a year now while not being employed and rarely getting out or talking to people while having time to do explore my own thoughts deeply and do research, but I must avoid such discussions. I can only tell you that I have worked hard to get to where I am now, even though the best of us out there are who do work hard get treated unfairly sometimes by a completely dysfunctional system.

Good luck to you all - you will need it when the time comes.
Just remember to put children first as much as possible in the mean time - that is all I ask of the world as a wish before my final moments of life.

To the moderators: There is nothing within my writing that you should be worried about.

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