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Effort to empty the mind entirely of all thoughts

Posted by Children First! on Wednesday, September 30 2020 at 4:29:49PM
In reply to Impressive, posted by Human on Wednesday, September 30 2020 at 08:41:41AM

Dear Human,

A quick note on discipline: When I speak or think of discipline, I speak of it as in to learn and have self control. Discipline has both a negative and positive connotation, and I am only talking about the *positive* aspects of discipline, and *positive* ways to enforce discipline, through harmless reason, logic, and ethical verbal (most of the time) instruction/education. Each situation is different, though if discipline is to be instructed, nobody should be hurt or abused in the process.

Thanks again for the positive feedback, I deeply appreciate your insight as well! May your abilities take you, if they have not already, to great places of all kinds. I rarely get the chance, or even choose to discuss critical topics with people, e.g., children, how everything is connected, improving and saving the world. I am a sigma-male, a lone wolf, rebel, rogue, radical, artist, noisician, visionary, traveler, drifter, skeptic, 'lady killer', prophet, outlaw, loner, hermit, autodidactic polymath and misanthrope among many other things, who has made sacrifices to get what I need, however that usually means being away from people, both by force and by choice.

I am quite interested in getting to know you further, though considering the situation I am in, it may not be a good idea to get attached more than we already have here on the net. I will be around for 2 more weeks. Feel free to empty your mind on me, as I am sort-of about to do, in return. I will do my best to respond further if necessary. Either way, I will keep you in my thoughts, and I already can understand how valuable you are as a human being, which is far better than most. Connecting with you has been grrrrrrrrrrrreat! (Tony the Tiger voice.)

All the best to you as well of course (ᴖᴥᴖ)

P.s. The rabbit hole to Visions of Alice is now inaccessible to me.

The following is just me emptying my mind of a few remaining thoughts:
What follows is some writing from June (2020), that I mentioned/described previously as an 'essay', but it isn't much of an essay. -I apologize, in my mind I remembered it being longer. Also, I have become a stronger writer since then, though I still stand by this information that I have created.

A brief and preferable description of Radical / Evolved / Future Anarchy ( = )

‘Medically-focused deep-green anarcho-humanitarian collectivism.’

(This is an approach to global post-collapse civilization and how humanity should continue life on Earth afterward.)

-Governments will crumble if civilization (as we know it) collapses, triggered by a lack of resources that economies have relied on to fuel them, which will give birth to many forms of anarchism all over the world. Anarchy is the best way to describe how life itself works, over any other system, and is the default system when all other systems fail. As human life adjusts to post-collapse civilization, humans will become aware of the meaning and importance of anarchism in all aspects of life, as already accurately defined by Chaz Bufe in his essay Listen Anarchist! which is as follows:

ANARCHISM: The philosophy of a new social order based on liberty unrestricted by man-made law; the theory that all forms of government rest on violence, and are therefore wrong and harmful, as well as unnecessary.

ANARCHY: Absence of government; disbelief in, and disregard of, invasion and authority based on coercion and force; a condition of society regulated by voluntary agreement instead of government.

ANARCHIST: A believer in anarchism; one opposed to all forms of coercive government and invasive authority; and advocate of the absence of government as the ideal of political liberty and social harmony.

It will be up to the humans enduring post-collapse civilization how they are going to want to live, but for those with enough intelligence to critically prioritize the needs of humanity itself for the purposes of survival, as well as the survival of wild nature that was previously being destroyed, the choice to be involved with other beings on an ethical level will be of great importance and hopefully should naturally dictate that humans should keep to themselves and leave non-human animals alone as much as possible.

-Stay out of all wildlife environments as much as possible. Only if you declare that you are a primitive-anarchist, may you live out in the wild. Beware of the fact that you can easily die or be murdered living in such an environment. Live in the wild at your own risk, where the purist form of anarchy will be found. As a deep-green general rule, anyone who wishes to not live in the wild must continue to live in civilization, and leave civilization as little as possible. The reason for this is that humans must reap what they sow. If civilization is what humans have built for themselves to live in, then let it become their grave as well. There is no point in destroying civilization, only stopping civilization itself from what it destroys.

-Majority of humanity must continue to live in environments of civilization that already exist, however they must never use energy to power civilization at full strength as they had once before. In order to survive and not become extinct, while preventing further damage to the planet, energy may only be used at a bare minimum. Systems of water and electricity may still be available post-collapse, and if so it is not to be taken for granted. As a priority, such systems of water and electricity will be most accessible to the most important focus of post-collapse civilization, which will be medical facilities and purposes of medical technology, run by collectivists capable of performing professional healthcare and medicare in designated spaces. Medical assistance being the new focus of post-collapse civilization must be humanitarian in it’s approach, and must be run by organizational anarchists, who stand for an ethical way of living, and cooperation. The aspect of putting pressure on anarchists (by default of all post-collapsed civilization) to be humanist (while being aware of not becoming solely anthropocentric in relation to all that exists) is very necessary – to ‘stick with’ humanity at all times, and no longer disturb wild nature.

-Essential aspects of human living should continue, only for the purposes of survival and pleasure. Food will probably not be very abundant. Minimal growing operations may exist anywhere that does not continue to destroy wild nature. Primitive forms of rebuilding civilization will take place for there to be stable shelter and public space enjoyed by the community.

-To produce what is desired from the fruits of labor/work, communities must form autonomous collectives in order to achieve various goals. This will merely be an extension of working with your friends and family, and/or others willing to join in from local communities. Considering the spectrum of levels within available intelligence, whoever has enough skill to perform tasks to accomplish goals within the collectivist group may rightfully uphold a position.

Note 1: This way of life is not exactly what anybody should ever want to experience, however it is what needs to happen to achieve balance on the planet once again. This is not an ideal utopian fantasy, nor is it a completely dystopian reality. ‘Medically-focused deep-green anarcho-humanitarian collectivism’ is the projected future of man during the post-collapse of civilization on a global scale and how it should continue to function to avoid extinction.

Note 2: Correctional institutions may or may not need to be used/exist depending on the quality of life available. It must also be noted that almost nobody should be locked away for non-violent crimes.

Note 3: Millions, if not billions, will die around this time.

Details may be added in the future to further explain this very possible hypothetical situation, as there is much to discuss.
Extra information for personal use from other writing, simply copied and pasted:

- I disapprove and am against the dominant culture and most of it’s subcultures, against most micro-cultures and climates, and most of the counter culture / the ‘alternative’ culture.
- I am struggling as a lone wolf, among the few who exist with limited friends [rare types]
Majority of culture is Fucked, beyond repair (and I was born into this mess) - Culture is unbalanced, no longer behaving naturally in their environment, no longer organic. Culture overreacts, is full of confusion, and misunderstanding. - Culture must seek simplicity, equilibrium and a more primitive lifestyle.
-Needs intimacy school.
-Needs other sustainable systems.
-Needs to get back-to-basics again, a more natural and primitive- state
-C.C.C.C.C.F. (((Consciousness-Control, Community Centers, Children First.)))
Children First:
1. Children First  (= Earth First).
2. Teachings of Intimacy
3. Nudity
4. Play
5. Sex
What you should not do:
- No harm.
- No penetration.
- No promoting of C+A relationships, sexuality.

Love does not imply fucking/penetration.

Why am I attracted to children in my life?
- It is a human-culture problem that has failed me.
1. Because I was not able to experience what I wanted/needed as a child.
2. Then, growing up, I realized the older girls had developed personality issues/ preferences/ attitudes/ interests/ looks that I did not agree with.
[they became too 'American', materialistic, and/or capitalistic.]
The loss of Purity found within youthfulness.
However: I prefer Children, as they are smaller, more fun, healthier, cuter, loving/open with their heart. Young girls have stable mental health, generally have higher levels of happiness and excitement in their nature, and are a lot more fun!
-All of this reminds me of a specific TIME period, which was 'Recess' in elementary school. [the beginnings of happy memories.

money = symbolic of amount of energy used in the past = illusion of power at present = unnatural power currency within community = fluctuation of human honesty = a human game of winners and losers manifested by the ego = greed = devious impulse to alter a community = ability to control everyone unfairly over time = corruption of government = regulation of community services = limitation of convenient and natural services = unnatural quality of life = damaged human spirit = unhappiness

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