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Posted by Human on Tuesday, September 29 2020 at 10:19:28AM
In reply to ♡♡ THIS IS THE ANSWER EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR ♡♡♡ posted by Children First! on Monday, September 28 2020 at 0:19:25PM

That was a very interesting read, to say the least, and thank you for the amount of time and intelligent thought you clearly put into this thesis. I would be cautious when proclaiming your views to be 'the answer everyone is looking for', seeing that many here have drastically different views, but I can't blame you for having come to this conclusion.

We share many views. The most pertinent being, that we both seem to see the economic conditions of society as being inextricably linked with sexual oppression. There are many right-wing 'libertarians' here, however, who don't believe that private property is theft, or that unrestrained capitalism is the antithesis of liberty. Materialism and consumerism (in my opinion) negates the need for a philosophically and sexually enlightened child-class. All that matters is that they become productive consumers, rather than sexually-liberated free-thinking individuals.

I disagree, however, that children need to be 'disciplined', as though they need to be taught to obey their adult overlords. You also put a lot of emphasis on the need for children to be taught about the body and natural sexual functions and pleasures, which I accept, but you leave no room for what I see as being equally as important. That being, the need to to teach philosophy in schools from as early as possible, in order to teach children to think for themselves and to reason effectively and think independently. I think this is also requisite for an enlightened society.

I also think your vision of a new curriculum (Y.I.S.E.) is a little authoritarian and extreme (even for me), of course the current system is very authoritarian, and I would like to see schools become a place of fun, creativity and constructive thought, that children will want to attend, rather than being forced to, as is often the case. Children being shamed for their naked form and sexual thoughts is a very real problem that needs to be addressed, and this can be remedied in many different ways. Parents ought to encourage their children to be nude, and to be nude around their children, which includes bathing together, taking them to nudist events, or 'skinny-dipping'. Masturbation also needs to be discussed in schools. I envision children of all ages engaging in a philosophical discussion about sexuality, sat in a circle. They could freely discuss such things as pleasure, consent, homosexuality, pedophilia and so forth. 'Nudist' classes might also be a good idea, but I worry about children being made to do it. Perhaps there could be special 'nude time' lessons where children are told they can strip naked if they please. Many young children have an urge to do this, so it would be nice to see them not have to constrain this urge.

Anyway, I am happy that you see the importance in liberating children in order to see a truly liberated society. The way we treat children has to change if we want the world to change. Children first? Indeed.

Stay gifted,


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