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Final Goodbye & Final Thoughts

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 00:26:58AM


“You’ve contributed so much to the world, our community, and you’ve helped change things for the better! Please continue to post, don’t stop!”

“Thank you! What do you think I’ve helped to change?”


“Okay, what would you like me to write about in my posts, since I’m usually out of ideas?”



“Don’t you EVER do that again!!”




One last time. I am leaving this community. Enough said.


A few last thoughts.

The world isn’t ready for most of my ideas. Sorry to say, but I’m way a head of the world. I’m not trying to sound vain or pompous. Many of our ideas we’ve presented, some of which are only becoming popular now in 2020 (mostly among oppressed males), I thought of long ago when I was a mere teenager, or younger. It turns out I was right on many of those things! At the very least, I’ve proven to my teenage self that I was not alone then, nor now. There is a definite uprising happening.

This is my exodus. It’s not a definite goodbye, but next time it will take something bigger than a combination of COVID-19, me thinking I’m no longer an MAP, and me discovering I’m still an MAP. So a return is looking less and less probable.

Goodbye to my few friends.

I may return eventually, either in weeks, or years, because I have a written-project that might be coming up which I will need advice on. If it happens, it will be a very temporary return.

I am so sick of all the people in this community who believe that society is right about everything, EXCEPT when it comes to minor-attraction. What a ridiculous, pitiful belief. I see now I never should have returned, because there are far too many people here who are just like this. I cannot get along with such people, and as has been demonstrated elsewhere; my presence only causes problems. There are far too many who have an issue with me speaking my mind, and then get butt-hurt when they gang up on me in groups and I get frustrated and/or angry.

There is another feminist uprising happening in our community, mostly coming from new members. What a surprise. But I cannot handle, nor tolerate it. What I also see are many people not wanting to do their own research. And I’m not even talking about “researching until you find out ‘Lyrics is right!”. I’m talking about researching the other points of views (which include conspiracy theories, genital mutilation, feminism, religion, the oppression of males) just for the sake of knowing the other side of the debate! Many of you are ignorant even on THAT. Some of you are holding views without even knowing what the other side has to say. It’s ignorant and pathetic. Worst of all you make people like me out to be doing the SAME. Learn how to use a freakin’ search engine, would ya!?

I leave you with the following thoughts:

Feminism has many different faces; alternate sides of the same coin. Those faces also have feminism as a head. These ideas are all intertwined, and very much connected.


These things are all greatly related.

Feminism is the world’s most dangerous terrorist movement.

Us MAPs are backed into a corner, because feminism tricks almost all women into either being angry that they were molested, or angry that they were not “molested”, or both. What a fucking paradox, indeed.

Goodbye. Best of luck, GC!

PS: I may add more thoughts to this OP later. Oh, and “circumcision” is still worse than rape :-)
Hypocrites be hypocrites. You tell me it’s wrong to compare circumcision and rape, when you frequently compare FGM to MGM, and that the former is much worse. Grow up.

- GL_in_lyrics

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