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Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 02:43:45AM
In reply to Final Goodbye & Final Thoughts posted by GL_in_lyrics on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 00:26:58AM

I am so sick of all the people in this community who believe that society is right about everything, EXCEPT when it comes to minor-attraction.

No, I think it's right about both.

Different society. "Almost everything outside the targeted area."

There is another feminist uprising happening in our community, mostly coming from new members.

o hi

But I cannot handle, nor tolerate it.

...and if you cannot handle the supremacy of a two-year-old girl, we have nothing to talk about. Doesn't really matter what your orientation is.

I'll get a bit pissed if you mistreat someone I have known, but I encourage you to imagine your feminist leadership as being below your aoa. I also encourage you to look into the octane number of ethanol.


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