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"Cuties" thoughts

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, September 12 2020 at 04:59:19AM

Well, I'd be lying to say my ultimate pedo-quest for the supreme girl would ever be one who's been trying to sell herself to society sexually, especially if she's fallen to calls from Hollywood or the mainstream music industry..

That being said, the blonde highly reminds me of one of four majorly different adopted girls by a well-off family, all else of whom were totally sweet and kind and modest, and also toward me.

That blonde tho.. the lone rebel. Supremely hot, but not so perky and nice. The ONLY one with the proud face on the giant frame of all their pics hanging on the wall, and the only one standing proudly in the nude at 6 or 7, without the slightest hint of shame.

I was still a teen, and I'd modestly mow their lawn for a fee, friend of the family. It was an electric mower, and I'd have to go inside to plug it in. Parents were never there. I knew the other slightly younger-than-me girls. They were all so sweet. But this one was pushing her boundaries constantly, probably since kindergarten.

Picture 15-year-old Eeyore, looking for a power outlet in a living room, as a stunning 13-year-old lounging on the couch in a bikini and casually kicking her foot, is bragging to her friends how she took her dad's high-end car out for a drive with her friends, and even knew how to not get caught doing it.

DUDE. How do you not fall in love with that when you are 15? How does the reverence for a cute and daring rebellious younger girl not have an effect on you in years to come?

How do you not start to wonder about "Some Girls"?

That Cuties blonde is indeed cute. I'd rather she dance that way just for me tho, in private, but with more "public" morals than the blonde I was obsessed with in my teens. I doubt she cared about trying to appear modest in any way. And I've reached an age where I see a benefit to being (somewhat) publicly modest. *shrug* I am where I am currently. But I still watch young girls fiercely expressing themselves in dance. And it's not unappealing to me.


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