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Posted by summerdays on Friday, October 09 2020 at 1:33:17PM
In reply to Summderdays!! And a response posted by Dissident on Friday, September 18 2020 at 5:25:17PM

Where are we in the world that this can even be a topic of discussion, for us?

"girls or women who flaunt their sexiness in a non-artistic way without ever showing other sides of themselves."

If you think such a creature exists in this world, you are not looking close enough, or are letting your own feelings blind you to anything other than sex appeal that she's sending out. There is no such thing as a one-dimensional sexual creature. The day that I have to tell a little girl, "stop it, that's enough sexiness" is the day I'll consider changing my mind and agreeing with you about hypersexualization (and also checking into the hospital). But that day has not yet come. And I'll be surprised (and honestly delighted, because it means I'll have had my fill for once) if it ever does.

Glad to see you back here, too!


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