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pay attention to the nuance....

Posted by Baldur on Tuesday, October 06 2020 at 07:50:27AM
In reply to if I didn't know you better posted by summerdays on Sunday, September 13 2020 at 11:39:57PM

"I can handle all the sexual expression a girl wants to broadcast. No such thing as too much. And no, that doesn't mean there isn't any substance underneath that facade."

I've got no problem with that, but what I said was:

"I can get behind a message of opposing a culture which pushes girls to be more explicitly sexual than they naturally are and emphasizes their sexuality to the detriment of their other attributes."

What I oppose is the pushing, and the emphasis on sexuality to the detriment of their other attributes.

So long as there is no pushing, and so long as other attributes of a girl's humanity are not harmed, I've got no problem with it.

But I got the feeling (from the descriptions of the film I've read) that this film was about the pushing and the unhealthy cultural focus on female sexuality.


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