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Hajduk is basically correct, this is IMPORTANT!

Posted by gl_in_lyrics on Thursday, July 30 2020 at 2:24:32PM

It is truly an amazing coincidence that Hajduk and I always seem to be traveling in the same circles in regards to our views on minor-attraction, spirituality, and more. I know that it is what it is: a coincidence. But it's an awfully big fluke, one which I just can't help but think has meaning behind it. Most/all of you, except he and I, do not even know the half of it.

The thing to remember is that Hajduk has more experience with LGs and females in general than most of us combined!

Now, I hope to elaborate more on this as soon as the very early new year, but let me state the following now:

I said I'd only return if something bigger than COVID-19 happens, and while I'm not really "returning", something bigger has indeed happened - to me.

I have not really masturbated about LGs since May. The spiritual, emotional, and romantic attraction appears to be totally gone. I no longer have any use for the sexual attraction, which seems to have vanished more or less, as well. I attribute a lot of this to a medication I'm on, which is apparently used often to treat sex offenders. If you want to cure your minor-attraction, this may be it. I am not "chemically castrated". I can still jerk off up to 3 times per day, and I know I could do more if I had to. However, I've only been thinking about women. I am still incredibly horny.

I am looking for an adult girlfriend. Some luck, but COVID-19 Illuminati restrictions are making it more difficult than it needs to be, or should be. I hope to finally lose my virginity, in my mid-30's.

All of my child model collection has been deleted, wiped, overwritten, and etc. All 800 GB+. There was a time when I would have rather died than lose it, or lose my minor-attraction. But now I'm feeling better than I ever have in my adulthood.

I'm probably not as "anti" as Hajduk is (I know he's NOT an anti), but he does have his merits in what he's been saying. I don't think there are many LGs who would love us. Yes, many LGs *do* love *US*. But that's because of how *we* treat them. I know most of us here are *not* doing sexual things with LGs, and the story would be different if we were. I believe now that probably something like only 1% of LGs would get benefit from sexual relations with adults. I've probably overstated the damage society does to lonely and "broken-hearted" children.

I can no longer deny the correlation between minor-attraction and mental illness. Almost every single one of us here, and elsewhere, seems to be severely mentally ill. The distrust for psychiatry doesn't help the problem. Sorry, but the assertion that we're only mentally ill due to the oppression (which is real) only goes so far.

The way I'm seeing things currently, and clearly, is:

- MAPs and parents have to learn how to get along with one another. The only solution I can think of is having no age of consent, as long as there are no complaints from the children, and the parents, with the "parental consent to relations" being voided when the child is 14.


- an age of consent of 14 is the fairest, easiest, and best alternative.

- Child porn should *probably* be legal to view and download, yes. I just don't know how it would work if it were legal to purchase and produce it.

Yes and granted, society is doing a lot of the harm - probably most of the harm. We shouldn't be persecuted, nor should children who are sexual.

I will only return to reply to this, and possibly make other posts, a few times a week. I only access the MAP boards like this one from a Ubuntu live USB now. I keep my devices themselves clean from this sort of thing.

This isn't part of my life anymore, but I still appreciate the discussion, as well as adding.... what I have.... to add. There are truly some extremely intelligent minds at these places.

PS: "Circumcision" is still worse than rape :-) ! But I think I probably underestimated the damage rape and sexual abuse can do. Society, and probably feminism, are big factors in the damage, however. That cannot change; truth does not change with the moment.

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