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Mental illness

Posted by Heugnok on Sunday, August 02 2020 at 1:51:52PM
In reply to Hajduk is basically correct, this is IMPORTANT! posted by gl_in_lyrics on Thursday, July 30 2020 at 2:24:32PM

"I can no longer deny the correlation between minor-attraction and mental illness. Almost every single one of us here, and elsewhere, seems to be severely mentally ill. The distrust for psychiatry doesn't help the problem. Sorry, but the assertion that we're only mentally ill due to the oppression (which is real) only goes so far. "

Correlation is not causation. Even professionals are already moving away from this idea of illness and towards the idea that different individuals have different challenges in term of fitting into society. For us it seems especially difficult but of course it wouldn't be if society were different. If you are saying you would still be mentally ill if you would occasionally have the sex that you want, then that's on you and please speak for yourself because many of us take care of ourselves mentally as well as we can, and would not be considered mentally ill if allowed to practice our love. It is a way more general belief that due to not being able to experience sexual satisfaction, mental disturbances emerge. That is due to an interaction between the individual and society, and an enlightened society will speak of integrating diversity rather than "curing" "mental illness".

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