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A truly virtuous pedophile has the guts to stand

Posted by Leucosticte on Monday, July 27 2020 at 11:49:51PM

up for what he believes and be true to his own nature and desires. He doesn't let himself get brainwashed by society's propaganda; he thinks for himself and goes after what he wants. When others get in his way, and try to take what is rightfully his, he overpowers them.

He knows that when a REAL MAN demonstrates POWER and STRENGTH, others will fall into line, acknowledging their subordinate place in the dominance hierarchy, as primal instinct takes over; and then he enjoy himself like a lion at the feast, taking the best of what's available. And at the sexual banquet, the youngest, tastiest meat is often to be found in the bodies of the youngest, most tender doe-eyed innocents. The predator gorges on their sweet flesh, having made his kill. Truly it is good to be KING.

Let's not conflate weakness, cowardice, conformity, and credulity with virtue. The legitimate reason to postpone man's sexual desires today is so that they can be better met in the future. It's not to sacrifice them altogether, and say, "We will NEVER get to enjoy the freshest, cutest rapemeat the world had to offer, because we think it's not our role to have that."

The proper role of woman is to serve man; it's why she's the weaker vessel. And little girls are the weakest of all, so that means they were meant to be even more subservient to men's sexual desires. So, they need to just submit and quit complaining that it's abuse, because it's for men to define what's abuse and what's just her being compelled to fulfill her normal and rightful place in society.

If other men try to get in the way and say, "That's wrong" then they just need to be annihilated with a huge machine-gun, Rambo-style. What happened to the heroic ideals of the 1980s, where the good guy was some shirtless dude in a muscle shirt, jacked up on steroids, who went around slaughtering subversive commies? Egalitarianism, including feminism, subverts the natural order, and it would've been the logical role of strong men, once they were done dealing with the USSR, to next confront those whose tyranny was in the social order at home rather than the economic order abroad.

Remember Ken Freeman? Now THERE'S a musclebound GL hero for you.

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