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Thanks LGsouL my old friend!

Posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, July 28 2020 at 9:09:23PM
In reply to Shut the fuck up - nt posted by LGsouL on Tuesday, July 28 2020 at 00:32:51AM

The deafening silence from the so called "Top Posters" is frightening. You even have one "Top Poster" who is stumbling all over himself to pretend Leucosticte is not even here. Like that will deter Leucosticte from doing what he came back here to do.

Other "Top posters" engaged him at first because Leucosticte seems to be in-tune to some of their own "personal pet peeves" but they soon realize who they was "engaging" with. Now they (Other Top posters) have decided to go all "Elmer Fudd" on us by saying "Shh, Be bery,bery quiet, he will go away if we ignore him". Notice that most members do not reply to Leucosticte post now? Leucosticte did not come back to be liked, or to debate or even to share in his interest about girlLOVE(Caps are for you Leucosticte). So pretending to ignore him means nothing to him because being accepted by us is irrelevant to why he is here.

He is here for some kind of crazy plan. Perhaps to get a repeat of his 15 minutes and having that 15 minutes' use for other things.

Twice he tested the water by outing himself to make sure that people are on board to his past fame....Hmmmmm....Right???

He still has the illusion that he has the same talent like his hero "Adolph Hitler" to manipulate the masses. Notice how he tries to mimic Hitler's use of half truths in the lack of consensus on facts or data to persuade other by tapping into their own fears and sadly inherent prejudices?

I will say that he has something in common with his hero Hitler, they both are professional failures. Failure in their youth, failure with their relationships to their wives and children, failure at their jobs, failure in their political ambitions, and ultimately failure at covering up their weak and broken selves that drove them to the madness of seeking power. Even with Hitler at one point controlling 1/3 of the world, the world still saw that he was a weak and broken creature with his defeat and death.

So thanks LGsoul for speaking up. It was the silence of the existing "Cancel Culture" of the 1930s era that allow a weak creature like Hitler to be lifted up to high places that Hitler himself knew that he did not belong. The same is true for Leucosticte, for he too knows that he does NOT BELONG!

Much Love,

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