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Posted by sadlife on Saturday, July 18 2020 at 01:51:06AM

I love girls and want them to be strong and grow into women that know the value of a girl lover. That woman will not be raped. She might not be able to play fullback on a pro football team but she might be able to take any man down with ninja moves.

I refuse to surrender my power as a gentle girl lover, no matter the political and social misunderstanding brain wash in current use.

I don’t have answers to all of Leu’s questions about how to justify my love for girls but I do know that it is pure and not evil based. I have hope that will be enough.

The girls will ultimately be our judges and that gives me faith. My girls will have no reason to turn on me later. My faith is that they will become mothers of daughters that know the value of girl lovers in their lives and for their daughters.

Male dominance has no further value in that future. I welcome equal power of women on that basis.


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