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Antis don't actually engage in arguments

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, July 19 2020 at 4:45:43PM
In reply to Yeah, society has become very cult-based lately posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, July 19 2020 at 3:11:47PM

If someone here is discussing/debating the issues they are not antis. Someone who vehemently disagrees with something does not engage in debate they just want to shut down.

Once again researchers, and others that have come to this board and others with the stance of we want to understand pedophiles more, but disagree with adult/child sexual contact have been met with strong hatred. I don't believe the love, compassion, understanding has been tried.

But, as I said that's just general humanity right now. Someone that even engages in a debate is almost a unicorn these days. It quickly degenerates into you hate children, you're a Nazi pretty quickly.

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