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or lacks content?

Posted by Heugnok on Tuesday, July 21 2020 at 4:26:52PM
In reply to I admit that... posted by griffith on Sunday, July 19 2020 at 07:17:16AM

It makes sense to use it as a verb as a stronger form of like (I love ice cream). As a noun you're right that it doesn't make sense, unless it is defined as the name of a subset of the superset of all interactions. Obviously physical lovemaking would then be a member of that set of which the name is "love". The problem then becomes that people have different ideas of which interactions should be a member of that set (hence our dilemma).

Inside the body you can feel love just like you feel anger or sadness, people feel it differently but many feel it distributed around their core, as an unspeakable feeling. I can't imagine anybody would have never felt this even in a dream. I don't feel it often but I have in the past and so certainly it exists. This goes without saying that if someone says they feel love when they don't, then it's a lie. That is a different point or did you actually mean that? I wonder how many normals say they love someone when they actually don't.

But of course in terms of this feeling of love, those who love girls currently considered underage are to some extent blocked from feeling love, both from a legal and social perspective (i.e., the legal situation fans out into social oppression).

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