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Will sex offenders be safe from the mob?

Posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 02:41:00AM

People are saying with all this unrest, we may end up with a situation like the French Revolution or some of these communist revolutions, where a bunch of people get their heads lopped off, or shot and thrown into mass graves.

What do you think will be the fate of people in jail or prison for sex offenses? My buddy I was telling you about is awaiting trial for CP receipt, and I told him it might be in his interests to try to bond out of there, because (1) this might be his last chance to get out, given some states are starting to reimpose coronavirus restrictions, which could close down the court systems again; and (2) with all this unrest, maybe he could get killed if shit hits the fan and some mob ends up storming the jail and executing those they consider enemies of the people.

Or if there's some leftist revolution, who knows, he could get ordered into some gulag that's less pleasant than federal prisons as they existed in the past. I've been hearing from some federal prisoners that they've been locked down for months now, due first to the coronavirus and later because of the BLM protests; and there seems to be no end in sight. They say the food is pretty bad because the kitchens are not operating normally, and they don't have opportunities to exercise because they can't go to the recreation areas, so they're starting to get fat. Some of them have been stuck in unpleasant situations, such as locked down with unhygienic cellmates.


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