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What if there's a Spanish Civil War type of

Posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 0:04:10PM
In reply to I don' think it'll come to that posted by walkinginthepark on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 11:27:06AM

situation, where the people vote in a leftist government, and those in control of the military refuse to give up power?

What about the American Civil War; that wasn't really about southerners starving, as much as it was their refusing to give up their freedom to enslave blacks.

There seem to be a lot of civil wars in situations where people had enough food but there was a dispute over whether the government should go Marxist, or Islamist, etc., or about which race should be in power.

For example, in Rhodesia, were the blacks starving, or were there just some communists who wanted to take over? What about China, or Cambodia, or Vietnam, or other places that had communist takeovers?

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