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Americans are too sensible to play soldiers

Posted by walkinginthepark on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 1:05:38PM
In reply to What if there's a Spanish Civil War type of posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, July 14 2020 at 0:04:10PM

Even in those cases you list there's a more extreme element behind it that's having a real impact on peoples lives. People generally don't go out and risk their families lives over something unless it's really really important and impactful. Another factor is which side the armed forces come down on.

A civil war is a bloody thing to happen, look at Syria. Syria had problems for a long time before, it took an even more extreme set of circumstances to get to the point that people were willing to lose everything in a fight.

Peaceful revolutions are one thing where the army refuses to fire on its people or actively overthrows the government. Civil war where people risk everything is something else.

There's a tiny minority of Americans always talking about civil war. The right to bare arms to overthrow the government, social media's always full of young adults close to shooting their own parts off with guns and bandanas and army outfits bought from ebay. It's a world away from the harsh reality of places like Syria and Iraq where people endure chemical attacks and loss of family members that triggers them eventually to take action. If civil war broke out in America they'd just have to deny chocolate sprinkles at coffee shops and the people would soon dissolve away back to making videos on Facebook. Meanwhile the rest of the world rolls its eyes. And I'm glad about that since the vast majority of Americans are good normal people more interested in raising families and growing the economy than playing soldiers.

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