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A clarification

Posted by walkinginthepark on Monday, July 13 2020 at 07:05:07AM
In reply to Lol. Dont be rude posted by Luckless on Sunday, July 12 2020 at 4:20:14PM

To @hierophant and @Luckless, I should point out that what I'm talking about is broadly what people should think of when they hear the word MAP or pedophile.

I mean when I hear the word gay I don't think "law breaker" but I appreciate some will break the laws for all kinds of reason. Back when there were laws against homosexual activity it was probably a better comparison. When you heard the word gay did you think law breaker or someone with a sexuality who's most likely law abiding. Now we don't have those laws but as MAPs there are laws so do we want people to think law breaker for being a MAP or someone with a sexuality who's no more likely to be breaking the law than anybody else.

So for 3 I'm talking about do we want to project an image of largely being law abiding citizens as much as anybody else?

For 4 I'm talking about presenting an image of being normal so more easy to relate to rather than the man stalking children like nosferatu.

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