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Bored this weekend? Join my little experiment.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, July 09 2020 at 04:13:48AM

We've been a group who's always been scared to gather together in person due to lurking haters who might infiltrate with the intention to cause harm. I've always found this to be one of the worst obstacles to establishing a real community, as some of my joke gathering announcements over the years have hinted.

Whatever your opinion on Covid, it has popularized the idea of virtual gatherings online, making the possibilities endless, I dare say even more so than the "Pool's Closed" legend, which I do not condone, but still found to be brilliant and trollishly funny as hell. Though somewhat inspired by it, I have a much simpler idea that does not include any of the mayhem and lulz of that event.

Now the safety aspect of the idea depends upon two things: people's technical ability to hide their IP(child lovers usually tend to have an edge on this skill, born out of necessity), and the yet-unknown policy of the gathering place to allow proxy IP's. Since Tor IP's are often notoriously blacklisted, it might be good to have a paid VPN at your disposal. A Google search will quickly tell you who the most trusted companies are.

At this point, I am not advocating any "funny business"at a festive place that will be open to the general public and people of all ages, but only want to test to see if we can gather there and "mingle" without detection.

Ideally, I would like us to also be using a seperate, proxied and encrypted, chat messenger, because any conversation on the actual site may or may not be monitored. We'd use the chat messenger to clue one another in to who we are ob the site and where we are located in this virtual realm, and possibly for conveying thoughts to one another that we don't want anyone monitoring the site to see. We could then gather together in some virtual location there and spread out as we wish, even talking to other strangers.

There are more details that I prefer not to make public for obvious reasons. To be sure, there is no illegal intent here. I simply want to see if we can do in virtual reality what we have always been afraid to do IRL. Gather together in celebration of our love.

I would be cool with someone from BC coordinating to bring boy lovers into the mix as well, but I know that's a larger group with a lot more variables to consider that could torpedo the whole thing, but I'm still gonna try this in spite of the odds.

For those who are intrigued and have access to chat, please send a "/memo Eeyore what's the chat messenger and your ID there?" message to me for more information. I will not be coordinating anything in the chat itself.

Again, you should have the ability to mask your IP if you are worried for your own safety. It is recommended, though we will not be doing anything shifty. You will make an encrypted chat messenger ID to be used only for this event and then ideally get rid of it when we're done. There will be absolutely no illegal activity encouraged or condoned. This is a learning experiment. The intent is to infiltrate a public virtual realm and simply interact with both ourselves and the public while staying under the radar. Do not reveal any personally identifying information, and do not express anything there that tells others you are attracted to kids.

This is limited to people who can reach me in chat for establishing contact on a separate secure chat messenger. Nothing about this event will be discussed in GC chat itself. I am sorry, I cannot establish initial contact with you any other way at this time. If you do not feel you know me well enough or do not feel skilled in personal security on the internet, by all means, err on the side of caution. I don't expect many people to take me up on this offer, but I want to see if it can be done.

I welcome any cautionary posts by GC administration and will not take any offense to them should they appear.

Hoping a few take me up on my proposed experiment. Hope to wander with you in VR and have a few laughs within a crowd that doesn't know we walk among them:)



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