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Do we have a responsibility to fix broken society?

Posted by walkinginthepark on Saturday, May 30 2020 at 03:29:07AM

A question, do you believe that as childlovers we have a responsibility to educate people and chance societal views to at least be more tolerant and supportive of childlovers?

On the one hand I feel it should be enough to just celebrate internally about this gift, use it to be a good person around kids and to share it with other childlovers. That's certainly safer and easier and why should I care what a bunch of hypocrites and bigots think? Let anti's peddle their weak arguments not backed up by data, let them keep hating, I'll just celebrate with the more enlightened crowd.

On the other hand I feel I have a responsibility to future generations including my own kids to fix the problems with the world as I see them. What if one of my own kids was a childlover and had to face the same hate and bigotry that I've gone through life accepting? Do I have a responsibility to try to fix this, like fixing the climate and problems with racism where I encounter it?

What are your views, is there a level of responsibility there on maps individually or as a community or is it a fight we don't need to have?

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