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Here it comes. Just watch!

Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, April 23 2020 at 10:52:59AM

The mayor of Las Vegas (the entertainment capital of the world) wants to get back to normal living. Casinos!!!! Theaters!!! Prostitution!!! Okay everyone with money, gather around close and give up your money. Public Health? Nah.

Now for the really dangerous part...

... (P)ublic health experts widely agree that to control the epidemic in the absence of strict social distancing measures, states and localities will need to build the capacity for additional testing and contact tracing. (Emphasis mine.)

That process of identifying new cases of Covid-19 and then tracking down and quarantining anyone who could have been infected by those newly identified cases would be crucial to returning to normal life.
(Again, emphasis mine.)

When I can't remember who all I walked past when I went to the grocery store, how is the government going to do it? Put on your thinking caps now. You got a cell phone? Does everyone else? Do the math. What's next? Remember now, there are tons of "security" cameras everywhere, too. Where's George Orwell when you need one?


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